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Completed Theses

Completed Master's Theses

  • Example-driven Error Detection, Felix Neutatz 2017

    • Last time seen: PhD Student in our group

  • Detecting Textual Inconsistencies in Datasets, Debaditya Roy 2018

    • Last time seen: PhD Student at KTH

  • Detection and Explanation of Outliers in Static and Streaming Data, Shashank Srivastava 2018

    • Last time seen: Data Scientist at Evetrace

  • Advancing the Discovery of Data Transformations in Web Tables, Oliver Bruski 2018

    • Last time seen: Referent for Digitalization, Deutsche Bahn AG

  • Advancing Duplicate Question Detection with Deep Learning, Andrada Maria Pumnea 2018

    • Last time seen: Data Scientist at Futurice

  • Cross-language duplicate detection, Öykü Özlem Çakal 2019

    • Last time seen: Junior Data Scientist at King

  • OLTP and OLAP Database Systems for Social Plattforms- Requirements and Design, Hagen Anuth (BSc) 2019

    • Last time seen: MSc student at TU Berlin

  • An Interactive Dashboard for Holistic Data Cleaning, Nabil Badjuber 2019

    • Last time seen: Business intelligence manager at COMATECH

  • Wrapper Generation for Web Sources, Johannes Hassler 2019
  • Predicting Stock Market Changes using Ad-hoc Announcements based on Word Embedding Techniques, Leonard Schaffhäuser (BSc) 2019

    • Last time seen: Data Scientist at ixto GmbH 

  • Confidence Intervals for Hybrid Learning Models, Atique Shahid 2019
  • Scaling Programming by Example for Data Transformations, Aslihan Ozmen 2020


  • User-driven Fair Representations Discovery Through Feature

    Construction. Ricardo Salazar 2020

  • Leverage The Use Of Reinforcement Learning For Transforming Data By  

    Example. Medhat Ahmed 2020

  • Thesis Topic: Theme-based Interpretable Recommendation Systems. Uygar Yologlu 2020

    • Last time seen: Data Analyst at Delivery Hero



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