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“Data Science - Essentials of Data Programming“

"Data literacy" refers to the ability to handle data in a well-planned manner and to use it consciously. Dealing with data is considered a basic skill today. With the two large competence centers Berlin Big Data Center and Berlin Center for Machine Learning, there are already great prerequisites at the Technical University of Berlin for advancing teaching and research in the field of data science. However, education has so far mainly focused on computer science-related fields. However, researchers in other disciplines must nowadays be able to handle the processing of large amounts of data in order to compete in the global knowledge society. It's about working effectively and critically with data, collecting and extracting data, creating surveys, transforming data, applying mathematical models to data, and visualizing them. At the same time, the wide field of possible applications offers a new motivation to attract students to the basics of digitization-relevant fields of study such as mathematics and computer science.

The interdisciplinary module "Data Science" by Prof. Dr. Abedjan is therefore aimed at all students except computer science and teaches basic data science skills. The course consists of a lecture and practical work and will be offered in the summer semester 2019. In the lecture the most important concepts will be introduced, in the practical exercises the students will be introduced to programming exercises. Students learn about best practice approaches to data collection and processing. Furthermore, they are familiarized with the ethical and social aspects of "data science". For example, controversial examples of the use of data-driven decision-making mechanisms and strategies for avoiding unbalanced data are discussed.

The module is based on the non-computer scientist targeted "Data Literacy" program of the University of California Berkeley. The course is obligatory in order to receive the certificate of data competence of the TU Berlin.

The lecture series takes place on Tuesdays 10-12 in the main building (Straße des 17. Juni 135) in lecture hall H 1058. The introductory event will take place on 15.10.2019. There, the concept and the program of the lecture series will be discussed.

No prerequisites are required for participation. The exam takes place in writing at the end of the semester.

Course page: LSF

All participants must sign up on ISIS and follow the registration instructions there. Please pay attention to all regulations of your study program. In addition, the registered participants must be present in the first event.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ziawasch Abedjan






·         What is data? What is Big Data?

·         Causality and Correlations

·         Data units: tables and cells

·         Data-centric programming concepts

·         Control flow and iterations

·         Creating a dataset

·         Decisions and Uncertainty

·         Statistical Models

·         Hypothesis testing

·         Regression

·         Classification

·         Combining and transforming datasets

·         Ethics and Social Aspects

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